24 Times “Pitch Perfect” Summed Up Finals Week

  1. When the professor unexpectedly announces that the final will count for 50% of your grade:                                                   
  2. When the professor reminds you that you need more than one night to prepare for your final:                                                                         
  3. When you go out because you can’t handle the stress anymore and show up to your study group still drunk:                            
  4. When you’ve drunk way too much coffee and your body has a mind of its own:                                                                                      
  5. When you try to sit in your favorite spot in the library but there are 2 million people inside:                                                              
  6. When the professor says that the final is basically stuff you already know and you’re like, “haha I don’t know anything though”:                 
  7. When you have to open your textbook for the first time all semester:                                                                                                    
  8. When you’re trying to cram last minute for your exam and someone won’t turn their phone on silent:                                           
  9. When the same person in your class keeps talking about how she could fail the exam and still get an A in the course:                   
  10. When you haven’t slept and you have to write your name at the top of your exam and can’t even remember how to do that: 
  11. When you receive your exam and realize you’re probably definitely going to fail:                                                                                
  12. When you and your friend are “studying” together but haven’t opened a book the entire time:                                                          
  13. When you finish your group project and realize that you never have to work together again:                                                                              
  14. When you didn’t even study and still know you did well on an exam:                                                                                                             
  15. When the professor puts a bonus question at the end and you know the answer:                                                                                   
  16. When you’re giving a speech and only one person in class is pretending to listen:                                                                             
  17. When you remember how many finals you have left:                                                                                                                                     
  18. When you’re trying to have fun with your friends but then remember that quiet hours during finals week start at 8 p.m.: 
  19. When your professor is like, “Wow, I can’t believe another semester is over.”:                                                                                         
  20. When you’re trying to convince someone to let you use their notes to study:                                                                                             
  21. When you take a study break and drive to Target:                                                                                                                                      
  22. When you walk into the exam room for your exam and see that everyone else is already there:                                                           
  23. When you’re done with finals but you see your friends in the library:                                                                                                   
  24. And when you finish your last final and you’re free: